Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jerry's View On Relationships

...Is unavailable at the moment, due to severe mental instability caused by the subject matter of the title.Relationships, not Jerry.

Reeled you in with THAT one eh? Expected ol' me to talk about confusion, surprise, death, destruction and many, many ribbons? That's not what relationships are about? I didn't notice. -_-
Yes rf, I stole your smiley. Bite me.


Since I've established that you lot are a bunch of cricket hating traitors to the motherland, with only a few of you even having a soul, I have nothing left to write here. :s I've tried to pin it on someone sucking my life out, but I'm not so sure now. I'm eating breakfast at the moment, crumpets. I used to love this stuff, and now I'm just barely getting them down my throat. Come on, loss of appetite? Much time spent in a confused daze mulling over what to do? Yes people, I'm dying.

I see that I've made it to some list s. Go read my opinion on ranking at the respective posts. Although I love these sorts of things, since I am 'at the core' a vain, attention starved kid, I am quite disappointed by where I stand in all this. Well what do you expect? I still claim to have an ego that can by itself be classified as a planet. Anything less than a score of 141089 out of 5 is a disgrace. But still, I seem to be slowly withering away. Not in real life, that is, just me as in what you see here. Which is about 80% of real life.

I will join the ranks of the undead with grace.
Wish me luck in plodding through life at a slow trudge,
and munching at your skull if I can't find a fudge.

Don't ask.

And to whom it may concern, and by that I mean Dee, I AM NOT SKINNY :P . I am the proud owner of a BMI that is on the right end of the 'average' marker. An upper middle class BMI, if I may say so myself.


Sabby said...

I don't quite know how to respond.
Cookies??! =D

messiahofmadness said...

Awwwwwwww you ickle kiddy! =P
I can picture you blushing in that coy sorta way!

myprerogative said...

technically, if ur short enough... an average BMI would make you skinny.... But nothing said bout ur height eh?

Jerry said...

A "lol" usually covers everything :P


I was wondering when someone would point that out :D
But no, not short :P

Dee said...

not short. average bmi...

*twirls hair*

"That's hawt."

Jerry said...



myprerogative said...

you have been Invited Mr. Jerry!
The one blessed with an Average BMI!

TheWhacksteR said...

you're invited. come, and chill a bit :D

Jerry said...


TheWhacksteR said...

hey man did you turn up last night?

Jerry said...

No... I thought I told you I wasn't :S

mixedblessings89 said...

so. You're 3/5, skinny, unbalanced, bratty... oh, yeah... you're an ickle kiddie poo... (evil smile). Nice. Quite the regular Safin, may I say. (smile gets wider).

Are all the guys rated Sri Lankan males? Or is there any chance of me running into one on the streets of New Delhi?

Why do people hate cricket? Strange. Oh, Sanga's going to be your captain now, I think... cool.

Jerry said...


Nope, a few are out methinks. But not in India. :P

I assume people don't like cricket due to the lack of response on the cricket post :D