Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lies 4.0 – The Beach

So I’m sitting there, wondering who the people around the table are. It’s dark and there’s only a flickering candle at the center of the table. You’d understand if I’m a little apprehensive. Their faces get lit up occasionally to reveal mouths, noses and most other facial implements. Well, at least they look normal.

I ask the dude sitting next to me ‘So uh… you’re?"’ ‘Ah I’m Myprerogative machan, and this is’…uhh.. shit. ‘[someone] and Margarita, whacky’s friends’. I nod and smile at each in turn. So, now that everyone’s staring at me I decide to say something suitable. Except it came out something like

‘Why are you all staring at meh?!’

Thankfully Whacko and Realskullzero got back to the table after their little misadventure. After they get settled, I get into my routine of taking friendly insults, horribly deforming them into far worse ones and then applying themselves on me. See, people’s accusations of you being gay stop being too effective when you yourself admit to not only being gay, but also ‘one who dishes out surprise-sex’, carrying along a bottle of chloroform all the time.

Except this time things didn’t exactly go to plan, and I just ended up being looked at funny. Hence all the “Lies” posts on my part. So I hastily resorted to using my ego to call myself a god, but that fell apart rather quickly when I appealed to yet another apparently higher power for help in… something or the other. It doesn’t do your godliness any favours when you shake your fist at the sky and shout “Why God, WHY??”.

After that it was a pretty jumbled up discussion involving riseoftheasdadgs and how cupid was born. I’m not really sure how the airtight swimwear thing got there but it had something to do with the getting-pregnant-in-the-pool myth. And I think rotfl was supposed to be wearing a pair or something. I dunno. It was hard enough keeping up with the gist of the conversation while painstakingly typing out text messages, and it was impossible to keep track of all the characters involved. Whack said there was some kind of matrix involved but there weren’t any pasty white dudes making out with Keanu Reeves around(But seriously. Trinity totally looks like a guy). I think he meant some kind of marketing thingy made up by a pasty white dude.

Eventually [someone] left and was soon replaced by UnsilentDawn, that poem slinging… dude. He was duly warned of my allegedly strange taste in partners by all present and was told not to worry, all of them combined could take me down. But by this point all I could think of was that ‘TheWhackster’ had been behaving very strange the whole evening. But being the gullible fellow I am I just ignored it and continued to try and make sense of everything happening.

After much going on about nothing in particular, we set off. That bit was fairly regular, so I shall leave it to your imagination. Suffice to say that MyP and whacko were alone in a car at the end of it.



DeeCee said...

LOL! oh maaan

Serendib_Isle said...

There’s nothing wrong with two guys in a car.

You just shot yourself in the foot in the last sentence.

ROFL. hahh ha ha!

Middle Child said...

hahahaha :D are you actually lying to all of us???

Sabby said...

Awwww they bullied poor Jewwy!


mixedblessings89 said...



mixedblessings89 said...

You've been tagged.

realskullzero said...

Oooooh...whackster was acting quite strange wasnt

btw Air Tight swimwear!! damn that was funny...hehe

Jerry said...


See, these are not ordinary males. They wer-

Ah who am I kidding, y agot me.


Thanks for the concern, but nahh.. :)


Yeah, "TheWhackster" was acting weird.... :P

Dude, I accidentally deleted your comment :(
Repost? :D

myprerogative said...

great how u've beautifully played down ur homosexuality.... yeah yeah, you'd probably not approve this comment i know! but its out in the open now anyway right?? ;)

TheWhacksteR said...

hahah! dude thats quite a story, played down a tad bit too i should say. also the chloroform kinda freaked us out a bit. Chucky came to mind :p i thought RSZ was acting extremely wierd the whole time though

Jerry said...

@myP --- See? I am the all-publishing, all-straight person you THOUGHT I was before ya met me. :P

whacko --- Couldn\t remember all of it.. :/ Must do this again, start a franchise :D