Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh Joy

Ladies and gentlemen, and Gehan, some retard's gotten hold of my number and has been calling and hanging up occasionally. Ever so bravely. You know the best part? They think I'm a gal. One long past Saturday morning at 7am, I am woken by my phone vibrating my skull. So I had two choices, ignore it or move it away. Since both involved me having to move, I decided to go the whole hog and answer it. Some weird number. "Hello?".[silence]. "Ado, kollek ne gaththe"(Hey, a dude picked it up). So after a quick message inquiring which of their oh so reliable contacts had gotten my number to their eager, foaming at the mouth at a girl hands(Never DID get a reply...), I thought they'd get the hint and stop.

Not so. The towering geniuses(geniusi?) had decided that their source couldn't possibly have been lying to them , and called again. Just yesterday. Yet again they are completely baffled by a male voice at the other end. Do they use a list or something? Aren't you supposed to tick off each number that has been unsuccessful?

I'm pretty sure it's not a prank caller since it would have to be a well, prank, to qualify. This is just the annoyance of answering the phone. None of the questioning of sexual preference and retorts, suggestions of a growth in your spleen and further questioning of whether said growth has started the laying of eggs, that usually follow. This guy is to prank calling what a guy who plays Guitar Hero is to Carlos Santana. He is but a 12 year old girl in the world of prank calling.

Anyway, in case it's one of you bastards out there, let me spell it out to you. I man. You man. I no like man-man love. I no need extra wee wee to play with. Go away.


Gehan said...

lol yeah, ur quite content playing with ur wee wee huh? :P

it is always good to have a nice colourful conv with these prank callers (or 12 yr old girls.. or whatever..), just so that if u ever do get into an argument with a random stranger, well now u have practice :D

Lady divine said...

oh man...there have been times where i had that problem

worst was when some retard kept giving me ring cuts! managed to solve it by getting a guy friend to call him and sort it out.. it was actually a nightmare! argh!

Jerry said...

But they hang up if I answer! Which defeats the whole purpose of a phone call! WTF??

This is more... annoyance than nightmare. Though yeah, women have it way worse.

Sachintha said...

Man, you remind me of a recurring experience I have.

Usually, when I create an account online I give only the mandatory details and proceed. So, in creating my Skype account I haven't specified my gender. Now, you know that my name like many other Sinhala names can be taken either as male or female.

So, I usually get a lot of chat invitations and even calls on Skype. First I used to answer them and say you're mistaken, but later I decided to have some fun. So whenever I get a call from someone unknown I duly reject the call and ask in a chat window who that is, jsut like a chick would do.
Then if I'm in a good mood proceed and have some fun.

One day, like a year or so ago I was having particularly jobless two days at teh office. Had no work at all. Then some guy came to chat with me and I thought I'd have some fun. And it turned out taht this guy was a friend of a good friend of mine. So I just talked with him for two days, and the bugger almost proposed me!
He thought I was a chick, started calling me "Sachi" and just flirted with me man...
It was quite fun. Maybe you should do the same.... HAHAHAH!

TheWhacksteR said...


Jerry said...

...So you have cyber-sex with strange men on the internet?!
What's WRONG with you? :P

What, pray tell, are you aherm'ing about?

Sachintha said...

Call it Cyber Sex or whatever, but it is goddamn fun man! Trust me!

And that is also why I NEVER flirt online. Never.
Cos you don't know who's at the other end do you?

Disease said...

hehe this is a common scenario man and I kinda hate it too ( though I do it sometimes to my friends as well as a prank =D )

One thing you can do is
Turn off the phone when you go to sleep

and just say to them the normal phone tag

"Oba Amathu Ankaya Bawithye Nomatha
Karunakara Ankaya Pariksha kara Nawatha Amatanna" =D

Cheers !


Anonymous said...

ahahahahaaa! lol. sachinthaaa??? WTF man!?!?! *chortle*

Sachintha said...

Come on what's wrong with me having some fun? Gee...
Besides I know you girls do that to guys all the time! Ha!

Jerry said...

SURE it is... Weirdo.

It is? Weird... I don't wanna turn of my phone! Yes, I'm desperate :P

Yeah, I know, go whack him

thekillromeoproject said...

you shud just answer the call and not say anything... After all, incoming calls are free right? So let them waste their money on calls till they give up... :)

Another option is to keep a really shrill whistle at hand at blow the guys ear drums out the next time he calls...!! :D

Jerry said...

"Besides I know you girls do that to guys all the time! Ha!
Sach, that's called REGULAR flirting :P

Yeah, but I've only got two actual calls and a few ringcuts... So no real biggie.
Thanks for the whistle suggestion!

Sachintha said...

Yeah man, we do that only once in a while and girls go "WTF"!!!

I mean, WTF?


Jerry said...

Yes, frigid creatures, all of them

DeeCee said...

so u have a girly voice? or did i not get the point of the story? sooo...u want me to check the number or what, huh huh huh?

Jerry said...

No I do not have a girly voice you silly woman :P

They just thought mt number was a girl's...

And yes. Please do, I'm afraid they might call again otherwise! :o

Sabby said...

Jerry darling...why do these things happen to you?! =P

Jerry said...

I'm a "special" person.

Serendib_Isle said...

Jerry, why don’t you give us the number, and we all haunt this imbecile?
You could pretend to be ‘Gerry’ and keep us posted on the progress...
Either way, we could add some fun to our daily routine.

Jerry said...

Nah... I think they'll get the hint soon... :/