Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I palayed crikit! woot!

Meh... Back at work after a dizzying weekend. The _good_ dizzying, not the bad, I'm gonna-throw-up kind.

Yesterday I was playing cricket in the dark with a bunch of friends. Well, not in the dark, it started out around 5. There were only four of us so it was a just a game which had a slight resemblance to cricket. There were appeals shouted to nonexistent umpires, positions were interchangeable and usually the only slip was when there was a patch of wet grass. More runs were scored from extras than from boundaries. Especially towards the end when things got dark and we couldn't find any luminous paint for the ball. Many were the misses that were blamed on the full moon having an effect on the ball's path.

So we just swung at air hoping for a hit. The scoring was slightly altered so that contact with the ball would get you six runs. If you hit it to the boundary you were out.

But it was ela kiri.

There's something very enjoyable in not knowing whether you're out or not, and the decision being made on the mood of everyone present. The wicket being an old chair didn't help.

...I'm off to go find some flash cricket game...


myprerogative said...

''Playing Cricket in the Dark with a bunch of friends''???

Hmm... its amazing what people call these things!

Jerry said...


mixedblessings89 said...

hahahahaha :D
sounds like so much fun :D

Icarus said...

if you think thats fun, try flying all the way upto the sun and falling down again =G

Paparé Boy said...

Icarus - :D

Jerry said...

mb- t'was! :D

Icarus - technically, you'd just get sucked into the sun and be incinerated. But I'm just being anal.

gutterflower said...

I'm scared of cricket balls.


Jerry said...

That's because you are a mere female.