Friday, January 23, 2009

And The Me Hits A Century!

100th post was the last one!


And here I was waiting to give ya'll some cake and all.

Oh well, 200 then.

Anyway, sometimes, being called the biggest asshole someone's encountered feels surprisingly empowering. I don't really know how to describe it, but coming from some people, it just feels sort of... nice. I feel like I've achieved something.


TheWhacksteR said...

Aww.. your ONE of the biggest morons iv ever encountered.. does that help?

anyways dont take any notice of all these other mannerless pricks, i have added you to my blogroll. Congratulations!

Lady divine said...

at the rate you're going, you will hit 200 in no time..:P
congrats Jerry!!:)

Jerry said...

No, not coming from you it doesn't :P

But seriously! It feels like I'm one-upping someone. :D


But thanks :)

Jerry said...

Thanks, and I probably won't keep this up for long.

blackexists said...

a century eh? keep em coming ;)

Jerry said...

Nah I think I'll stop now...


Disease said...

"Congrats Jerry
On the Century
May your blogging be more Merry
And rock like Buckcherry " :D


Middle Child said...

oh u stupid little person ! Stop now?? im gonna hunt u down !! and yes u r a moron .

Jerry said...

Someone get disease a record deal.

Yes! Try and find me, hag :P

Azrael said...

Congratz :) may u have a thousand more...

Jerry said...

You're welcome, thanks for reading!

Dee said...

write a new post Arse..

Jerry said...

Okay okay woman, I'll get to it.

gutterflower said...

Congrats. :)
You can drop the cake off at my place.


Jerry said...


The cake was eaten. You were called, but you never came.