Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Of Hair(II) & Women

The Hair bit-----------

My hair's all screwy again. Not that it's too short, but now it's just too unmanageable. Yes yes, I always complain. Just like small children. They yell when they're happy, they yell when they're sad and they yell when you throw them in the garbage. Back to my hair, as some of you might remember, earlier my hair was too short. Then there was a brief period of perfect hair length, lasting about 43 seconds. I tried to take pictures, but it took too long and my hair went back to being mediocre. Now it's all strange. Right after a shower, it'll be malleable and will form into anything I wish. Then in a few minutes it goes back to being a stubborn SOB. It's sentient I tell you. But not sentient like cool transforming robots sentient. More down to earth. Very down to earth, like a gecko or something. Just barely aware of existing, yet living to make tour life a living hell. I don't know about the Geckos around your house, but mine launch little stones at me when I sleep. True story. But now it's just too lazy for me to get it to do anything right. So I'm wondering whether to grow it more and hope for the best or just chop it off like so many trees in a rain forest.

The Women bit----------

Yeah uh, I really don't remember why I titled this post "...Hair & Women". Just a general warning out to all males out there, for god's sake be careful when you zip up beware of the the newest 'most dangerous thing on the planet' that will ruin your life; The Woman Looking For A Friend(WoLFF). A WoLFF is a strange creature. It will make you want to repeatedly hit yourself with a blunt object. It will be all furry and cute at first and then bite you in the ass when you're not paying attention. I take the liberty to quote a very wise man in saying it is akin to going to a job interview, being the best of the lot, yet not being hired. Further, they will call you up frequently to complain about the person they DID hire, all the while extolling their qualifications, which are much inferior to yours. So stay the hell away from a woman who says she wants to be 'just friends' if you know what's good for you.

The " " bit------------

I discovered the next next best thing too. Milo and a blender. Psh, Domestic Goddesses and human cookie machines can't touch this.

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Dee said...


Dee said...

..at u :P

Jerry said...

Don't you mock ME!

DeeCee said...


DeeCee said...

*points at jerry*


Gypsy said...

Haha the men of the blogosphere seem very introspective of late!

Interesting post. I've done the whole WoLFF thing myself and felt rather guilty about it all. Oops.

But in the end, it's the men who are at fault, you know. You just proved that men only approach women they are interested in sexually :P Only to get put out when they're not 'hired'. Honestly!

Haha. Great post though. Gave me a giggle :)

Jerry said...


*gets out freeze plasmid a la 'Bioshock'

*freezes dee

Yeah, trends seem to pop up every now and then. The current one seems to be the men-women thing.

And that warning was for those who approached women for a relationship, but were told to just 'be friends'. Not the ones who approach women just out of chummy-ness. Glad it gave you a giggle :D

Lady divine said...

hahahaaa.. good post!
and LD comes to rescue Dee.... ;)

DeeCee said...

*still ponting*

lol. *within ice*

Sabby said...

Ahhh your hair.
Now I know where the cobwebs came from.

Dee said...

ado go c my new paint creation at tinylittlecolombo.blogspot :P

Jerry said...

Bah! I'm leaving!

*Leaves LD and DC in frozen room, with DC pointing away


Eeka dakka bung! Funny! It's on me google reader!

TheWhacksteR said...

Ah yes the WoLFF. hmmm... i feel your tension boy. but interview experience always helps you get the better jobs eventually, or so says 'dating advice for the nice guy' by bradly and schofield.

FINroD said...

hmm... been there, done tht... dude sometimes its ok to be just friends especially if u hav ur heart set on someone else :P lol.. never hurts to have an ally from the opposite sex on ur side.. on the hair.. oh i gave up on mine a long time back... not tht its tht bad.. ryt now i just cant be bothered i think im going to grow it again like i did a few years back... i think the last time i combed my hair would be eon's ago.. lol

Jerry said...

I shall read up on that before my next application then.

I'm not serious dude. Just jesting. ;)