Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blogs I Read(And other things)

Here's another not funny post, Mr Fallen. You might have noticed that if I could keep pumping out posts like that I'd be doing stand up instead of messing with a workstation* for eight hours a day.

Reading through someone's blog, you see how they change, they sort of.. hone their personality. I've no idea whether people actually change in real life, but their writing becomes more refined, sort of. Most of the time I don't even know why I started reading a blog regularly. Sometimes the content is interesting, and other times even the comments draw me in. And in some blogs, the person writing it just seems like a decent sort. Whatever reason it is, you tag along for the rest of their posts and almost become friends. Well, online friends then. And these usually end up better than most online relationships, many of which start off with asl and end with stfu.

And now, to finish this thing off, I need just a few more commas and fullstops. These are my most frequented feeds. If you're not in it, chances are I just drop by randomly. Nah, I'm just being nice. You suck.

- Alphabetical order-title. Google reader, blogs and blog-like things. Please excuse me for the pointless text. Just needed some cannon fodder for the links. Also note that the text has nothing to do with the links. I meant to put in something about how frequently people blog, or something, too. Just imagine I did. It would help if you imagined I said something funny after that too.

*It's not really a workstation, just a crappy mid-range dual core, struggling to keep up. But workstation sounds so much cooler.


Gehan said...

how can someone with a job actually be so jobless?

wow.. im CHANGING.. i feel so.. ZEN... :P

ok seriously, change ur blog title already :P

have a nice day :D

Jerry said...

I thought I said "Excuse me for the crap".

And anyway, copy pasting a few links is a cinch now. And yeah, I rule at my job. So I have lotsa free time to do stuff like this. We agreed on keeping the title, remember? This blog is a democracy.

Lady divine said...

Hmmm... sometimes you get drawn to blogs for their writing styles.. and then based on that, you get to know the blogger virtually..:)
that's why sometimes I dont really like the idea of meeting many bloggers coz it can get a little freaky.. where they know all about you...

oh well..
Happy blogging in 2009! :)

Dee said...


Jerry said...

I thought that would make it easier, since you can skip the introductory bit?
Thanks, and you too! :)

You're in the wrong place cos I had to change your addy to the new one :D

Thing said...

thiss blog ssmelss of piss. where iss usss? :S my preciouss

Jerry said...


*adds to google reader.

Seriously, I forgot. Its not like you've been that active around here... :D

Thing said...

sscreww you

Jerry said...

HEY! I subscribed to you didn't I? What more do you want, you vile creature?!

Sabby said...

I can't smell the smell of piss. Thank heavens my nose is blocked.

I am in the first paragraph. Yipee (Yes, yes alphabetical and all...but STILL!).

Some blogs you are attracted to coz of its writing style, some coz of its clever quips and others coz of its utter silliness. Latter is why I am here. =D

The SL Blogosphere would be a different place without you there, Jerry dear. I heart youuuu! =D

Okie. That's about all the nice you are ever gonna get from me. This year.

Jerry said...


(Not really, cos men don't faint)

Thank you for that rarest of compliments :D

"The SL Blogosphere would be a different place without you there, Jerry dear"

Now if only I could convince the rest of the world about this....

Rise of the Fallen said...

Bastard -_-

Jerry said...



Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Thank you for including me and for reading my blog Jerry. I'm chuffed.

TheWhacksteR said...

i second fallen. bastard. im not here

Jerry said...

I'm chuffed you commented :P
You're not the only one who uses comment moderation.

I, much like our rulers, snuff out any with dissenting views. :P
Relax, it takes a while for me to add feeds. I only recently started reading your stuff.

TheWhacksteR said...

*ARGH! goes crazy, grabs an axe and is henceforth known as the castrator of kithulgala*

you're next. muahaha. ;)

Jerry said...

I'm next? So I'm guessing you castrated yourself first then?

TheWhacksteR said...

nope, cuz i still have a little bit of sense left over. but dont worry i think there is a minimum length requirement to do a good job so youre safe

Spice said...

ooh. you annoying little thing youuu.. We are dots n commas eh ?

I shall add you to my list, but will take some time since I am too lazy to update it as of right now.

And what dealer!! MaryJ's ? or sugarpills? :P

Rhythmic Diaspora said...


Indyana said...

I thought i wouldn't be mentioned but i finally got mentioned at the end!

messiahofmadness said...

Er... confused... =S

Gypsy said...

Whee! Thanks for the comma.. Or was it a dot?! :) Original idea, by the way. Quite fantastic.

DeeCee said...


I like that look!



haha sabs ---> "thers coz of its utter silliness. Latter is why I am here."

Middle Child said...

mattek !

realskullzero said...

hehehe....well we are not there though...but have to appropriate the pain you went through to add those links to those tiny commas and fullstops...:D nice post.

Azrael said...

Yes Jerry, you have a wonderful blog and we love reading it...

Isn't that what you wanted to hear? :P

gutterflower said...

I read it first and didn't see my blog the first time and was about to leave an explosive comment when I saw the link. :)

I haven't had much time to comment lately, but you're def on my reading list as well. :)
Loving the header btw.

Java Jones said...

Nice idea, that punctuation trip! And thanks for reading - I'm as chuffed as RD!

Jerry said...

wtf? :s

Yeah, fits in nicely with my view of the world. I get a nice huge image at the top and all of you are mere commas and periods. :P


Alphabetical order forces all the "The..."'s to the bottom.


Dot. Don't tell the others, but I like the dots better.

That is the post-slapped-by-a-trout smiley


Refer whack's first reply. You are read.

Thank you! I can die a happy boy now!

You're in here? How did that get there...

You're welcome!

Scrumpulicious said...

Awwww! Bless your heart! :)

Delilah said...

Thanks for the comma:)

Jerry said...

Scrump & delilah
You're welcome!