Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Come get to know ME, ingrates!

Now, I can't be having people like TheWhacksteR thinking they've got a bigger ego than me, so here I am with my own 15 questions, plus an extra post just to one-up that humble soul. As usual, I steal from here and there to make this up.

1) How are you today? Awesome

2) What did you want to be when you were little? Big

3) What do you want to be now that you're big? Little

4) Favourite toy as a child? "Vial of Immortality" - I think it really works. Been ten years now.

5) Education? You people think you're so smart because you went to "school"...

6) What is under your bed? Yo mama. Sorry. I mean dust.

7) Tech-head? Yes.

8) Read much? See previous post. What I really meant to say there is that I read a lot and I'm better than you.

9) Roots? Not really sure. Am the only one in my family born here. The parents were still in India before.

10) What do you think of everyone else? They are placed on earth to wait on me

11) Will you make up another four questions? No, I am too egotistical to care.


*Takes back crown


Sabby said...

"11) Will you make up another four questions? No, I am too egotistical to care"

Too egotistical to care or just plain lazy?! =P

Jerry said...

Too egotistical to make the effort to provide you with reading material.

Sabby said...

Oh so you WERE too lazy. =)

Dee said...

gosh attract me muchly. must be the whole ego bad guy thingamajic which was discussed in whack's older post... sigh.

Jerry said...


Yeah I know, have to bat away all the women with a stick...

Lady divine said...

good heavens! where do you find all this time to blog?
as for being too egotistical to care - thats a smart ass way of putting it alright! :P

TheWhacksteR said...

*is humbled by Jerry's Massive ego, and knows that he will NEVER match up to it.

kneels down before the master of ego

Jerry leans down to pat his new disciple (me) magnanimously on the head*

*Grabs Jerrys hand and throws him over shoulder into the mud*


Jerry said...

And yes, I have to conform to an image. :D

*Flips in mid air to grab whackster, shove him bodily into the mud, land on top.

TheWhacksteR said...

*the plan worked! shifts out from under Jerry. presses secret button on watch, unloads shipment of dog poo and buries Jerry*

Middle Child said...

pissek !


a funny pissek at that but a pissek nevertheless :P


u watch it brother. u will never get away with messing with Whacky.

Whackster, you still have that map?

Jerry said...

but nevertheless,

* vaporizes dog-poo with sheer egotistic force.
* pulls out the 'Flame' plasmid

Just you wait. Engla- Jerry Prevails!

TheWhacksteR said...

Oh no! Not the Flame plasmid(a.k.a cigarette lighter)

*Jerry Fires, W calmly lights up, blows smoke in Jerry's face, walks away*

Who was that man?!!

MC - the map is hidden in the dungeons of *Thing* need to battle him for it. thanks for the moral support:D

Dee said...


Jerry said...

Nah, the _true_ story

*rewind tape

*action resumes just as jerry lights up using flame plasmid

*W lights up like the fourth of July

Let's go get the *thing*. I need that map too!

TheWhacksteR said...

*W is immortalized in the public eye as the most egoistic person to EVER walk the earth*

Lady divine said...

Someone should make a comic of the attacks between whack and Jerry!!!!!
Dee - how about you?;)

Jerry said...

"*W is immortalized in the public eye as the most egoistic person to EVER walk the earth*"

Dude, stop cramping my style.
My ego is so big it's known as the United States of My Ego. The 44th president was just elected.

LD - But we'd need a humongous to panel to fit my ego in. :/

Dee said...

Exactly my thoughts. Impossible. But..let me try.

Jerry said...

You have my divine permission to use my name in it.


Azrael said...

Oh Lord Jerry, we are so humbled by your presence, and SL is so much the better with you around. say like how the intestines feel with a tape work wriggling about it :P

Stop sniffing glue, it's killing off your brain cells, whatever that was there anyway...

cheers dude, may your ego grow forever more, till it gobbles up the whole world. :)

Jerry said...

Cheers, minion!