Friday, January 16, 2009

Stupid, STUPID!

THIS is why there should be a screening process before they let you use the internet.
Off the comments for the Macbook Wheel video from the onion, on YouTube. You know the world's screwed up when linux users start being like polymethasdg;lsahgas up there.


myprerogative said...

lmao.... wow! what an Intellectually stimulating discussion eh??

Jerry said...

Can't believe people still fall for that one.

Thing said...

err, you mean that video wasss fake?

rrright. uss knew that. er, what dumbassess hiss!

iss the ssudoku killerr fake?

Maharajah of Bad said...

for a minute we thought you were reflecting on the self. then we read the post. which was absolute tosh.

Times Eye said...

hey hey

Jerry said...

Yes, what fools, eh?

Always a ray of sunshine aren't we?


Dee said...

jerr...cheer me up?

DeeCee said...

btw with what s/ware did u make the header? I'm designing some stuff on Adobe Illustrator...what u think? anything better I can use- oh -brainysome creater of the visual arts?

Jerry said...

Hi Dee, new post up :D

The header was made in photoshop, with the stock brushes and the font, Thurston, is off of Deviantart.

Illustrator's actually pretty fun to use if you're making vector stuff, and things look nice in it. You can find a lot of brilliant resources and tutorials on it at
Have fun!