Friday, January 16, 2009

So I was thinking....

Something Mr. Darkside said on my last post got me thinking. "How can anyone with a job be so jobless?" he asked. Someone _might_ also have said "lol lol hehe my pink shorts are so fabulous!", but I digress. I don't know. About 99% of my posts are made during work. Which is puzzling, since I go through a regular stream of projects each day. Seriously, you should 'av seen the chicks clawing each other to get to me when I told them about my leet mesh modeling skillz.

Either way, the variables which affect post frequency from bloggers is a mystery to me, of the same sort as why women dig musicians. I mean, really, come on. Is it the instrument? Like some extension of their masculinity, much like a large pistol? If anything, wind instrument players should technically be more attractive to gay males. Some of my friends are in bands, some just play piano or drums for fun, I even met a friend the other day who was on his way to guitar classes. I play my walkman. It puts out ALL those instruments, fools. Is it the personality? Hell no, Me > emo singer, and minus the pansy arsed guitar swinging and stuff.

And to get back from that topic deviation... I post whatever comes to mind as I work. Maybe the rest of you have jobs with about as much excitement as an undertaker's office, but you can't all be like that, surely? I guess it just comes down to whether you really WANT to post something. Losing interest is probably it.

Well anyway, I'm feeling all giggly now because I'm covered in glitter. Yes yes, bring on the faggotry quips, you office drones, it's a long story. Also, Heroes season 3 has a sort of happy ending! yays. Now on to HIMYM se04.

***Now Playing***
Extraction and installation of Dead Space. God, it takes forever.


TheWhacksteR said...

What??/ YOU were thinking? i was too shocked to read on.

Jerry said...

I know man! Ridiculous! Like, seriously! LOL LOL LOL

Gypsy said...

Let me clarify the girls-loving-musicians phenomenon.

Of course, I can only speak for myself.... but I find creativity in men a huge turn on. It has nothing to do with the instrument itself but the mastery of that instrument. The talent and creativity behind it, you know? Any man who can make music definitely gets brownie points in my book.

And, as a final aside - I LOVE HIMYM!!!! It's like the best show ever (next to Ally McBeal obviously). Always cracks me up, always. Can't wait to run home now and download s4!!! :D

Sabby said...

Oh Jeez, I feel I am chatting with my 16 year old cousin *rolls eyes*

Oh and also. Musicians are hot! =D

Jerry said...

Gypsy : So by that token, young, adventurous graphic designers/3d modelers should be a viable alternative to musicians eh? :D
Ya, HIMYM rools!

Sabby : Go read his post on the top ten thingy. Then come back :P
Musicians are bleh.

TheWhacksteR said...

bah musicians are overrated man.. just ignore them.

*writes song abut it and strums his guitar under a tree and promptly gets swamped with women*

and i agree, its not the joblessness, most of the shit i write just pops outta nowhere. but i am also jobless

Jerry said...

*throws burning oil on guitar*

Gehan said...

my my, i actually got u thinking... hehe..

and im sorry to say, as MUCH as i love HIMYM, season 4 is kinda.. yawn.. :(

niroshinie said...

take it from a gal - we LOVE musicians! totally. Especially the guitar strummin kind. NOT the piano playing kind. :D

Gypsy said...

@ The Whackster:

*writes song abut it and strums his guitar under a tree and promptly gets swamped with women*

Hahahahahhahahaha!!! I almost spat out my morning coffee I was laughing so hard. Aww :P

Gehan said...

@ niroshinie: aaaagh...

@ gypsy: i swear, tat was jus hilarious...!

Jerry said...

Yes, you got me thinking. Don;t do it again.

Yes, the bastard.

But whayy?

DeeCee said...

guy + guitar = *drools thinking of chris in Flame*

Jerry said...

Ladies don't drool

P.A. said...

People just simply need to live with their passion whether in music, career, etc.

It simply ease the boredom if you truly enjoy what you do.