Thursday, January 22, 2009


The president's been sworn into powah
People are praising the buggah,
I'm supposed to be rejoicing,
but all I've been musing,
Is Obama rhymes with yo mama



Spice said...

and you title this hunger?

The Unsilent said...

shit man u made me choke on a frickin pringle!! LOL

its corny but it rhymes.. and its a great discovery too! :D

Gypsy said...


Gold. Just..... Gold.

Paparé Boy said...

Hunger? :S

Middle Child said...

ane meh ! :P keep up the attempt at poetry. but don't quit ur day job J ;)

Jerry said...

Glad you found it amusing people, I was hungry when I typed it out yesterday.

I don't know.

MD: I don't particularly like poetry. Limericks are just fun.

DeeCee said...

I was on a ferry
and I thought I saw jerry
bug eyed
I stifled a scream
Thank god 'twas just a dream.

see I'm good at it too. :D... btw it does rhyme..if you say it a few times...obama, yo mama..obama, yo mama..

Icarus said...

:D it's a friday thing isnt it?

Dee said...

There was once a guy called jerry
his posts made one and all merry
But when you got hooked
you really wish you took
Some panadol and sherry

ta dah!

Jerry said...

But tis not a limerick! :D
But my own rhyme! Thank ye, kind lady!
Fun --->

More a hunger thing.

Jerry said...


I owe you a sushi. :D

gutterflower said...

Jerry the poet - Has a nice ring to it.

Jerry said...




Dee said...

sushi? r ye talking to meee?

Jerry said...


In return for the rhymes.

You're vegetarian right?

Dee said...

uh. I didn't achieve my new year resolution ..yet. But I shall definitely take up on the offer :D whoop! Let me embarrass you with my ignorance on eating sushi and sub standard chopstick wielding...

Jerry said...



Sushi it is then.