Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How do you people keep coming up with names for posts?!

My earphones stopped working right yesterday. I was walking along the street and suddenly Chris Cornell is drifting to the right. Speaking of streets, colombo gets pretty deserted after 7pm. You can waltz along, singing out of tune and nobody will notice. I hope.

But what struck me as I came to work this morning is the sheer variety and splendour of just plain noise. The noise that surrounds me on my usual trip is usually kept away from my ears by some rubber in-ear buds. But today I was treated to the full effect of birds singing and the symphony that is a thousand vehicles each chiming in at random intervals to somehow, miraculously form a melody. Even the trees were vehement in the voicing of their interpretation of the wind.

But I missed most of it cos I was sleepy as hell.

Nobody cares about that stuff anyway, other than tree huggers and hippies.

Anyway, I've been hearing a lot lately about 'being different'. Now, I'm cool with anyone doing what they want to do, but it just bugs me when people try to act all retarded for the sake of it. Or worse, just to get attention. 'Oh I licked that tree cos you KNOW I'm craaazy'. Different is sometimes good, but you have to understand that different can also mean like black guy at a KKK meeting. Just don't be an idiot.

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TheWhacksteR said...

in the secret regions of Mt Kilimanjaro, there lies the 'fountain of eternally innovative post titles'. Only he who is worthy may drink from it, or know of its existence. i hereby deem you worthy to know of its existence. you knw what you gotta do now kid.

Gehan said...

hehehe nice post...

and in reply to ur question, i think ingenuity and sharp wits usually go a long way in writing a name for a post..

but from ur blog name, i take it u have none :P

Jerry said...

Thank you mastah, I will set off with my equipment as soon as I can. *bows

@tasteless cow,
Well at least you recognized brilliance in the post, if not in the title.


HEE. Thanks ;)

TheWhacksteR said...

er wait.. first you need to find the map you dingbat

Jerry said...

Oh, I thought I'd just go up there and ask around.

TheWhacksteR said...

er yes sure..go ahead my son. *secretly takes back Jerry's worthiness to know of the fountain of eternally innovative post titles, jeez what an idiot*

Jerry said...

duhhhh.... what are those starry things next to what you typed?

TheWhacksteR said...

you are witnessing the aura that surrounds the Gifted Ones.soon, you will also have one *evil chuckle here*

Jerry said...

Oooooohhhhhhhhh..... *drools

*whacks you on the side of the head while you turn your head to laugh.

*steals your aura.

Middle Child said...


Jerry, honey, u r RUDE !

Whackster, master, I bow thee humbly,. please tell me how to get that map. *bow*

TheWhacksteR said...

*where there was a head, there is just thin air, where there was an aura, there is nothing, Jerry blinks, bemused*

Jerry said...

Rude? But now I'll never be able to name my posts correctly! All because of HIM!

But, that's because I knocked your frikin head off.