Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Freedom Talk

Lately, there's been a lot of action going around about freedom of speech. Apparently even TheWhackster got out a post on the topic, in between all whacking. I think everyone's got their collective panties in a bunch because of mob. At the risk of having more play-shit slung at me, I think you're all a bit too jumpy. Freedom of Speech also entails restraining yourself? A bit contradictory, is it not? Were you not the ones who were defending the freedoms of those Danish cartoonists when they were being shelled by all those radicals? Then why I ask do you yell bloody murder when someone says you suck? Everyone has an opinion.

Think about it like this. You're back in school and someone accuses you of being a well, nicely put, something equal to 'one who engages in orally servicing male genitals'. What would you do?

Trolls on the internet come in many different forms. Some aren't really even trolls. They just mess with you to make others laugh. Some mess with you to get some weird kick out of it. Some just want to enlighten you on the latest deals in penis enlargement techniques. You either play along, ignore or report them, depending on the situation. Like everyone says, you don't HAVE to read it, and for God's sake, go get a sense of humour. Don't get me wrong, a lot of people should be banned from using the internet, as you can see on practically any YouTube video's comments section, but if the world followed those views, we wouldn't even have maddox now would we?

On a completely unrelated note, BARS cafe pizza sucks.


Rise of the Fallen said...

"We wear chains around our necks with iron balls to keep us in check; freedom is the length of our chain" St.Fallen once said that in one of his poems. May he rest in peace :P

Sabby said...

"Some just want to enlighten you on the latest deals in penis enlargement techniques."

Hilarious! =)

Jerry said...

You're a zombie?


Rise of the Fallen said...

It's RF not ROTF, you don't fucking include "of" and "the" in abbreviations -_-

So you know O.o

Jerry said...

Rolling on the Floor Laughing - ROTFL

nuff sed.

Rise of the Fallen said...

First of all
that's ON not OF
so you have HALF point xP
RTF then -.-

Rise of the Fallen said...

I'm not taking a stance on the T
but this definition of Urban Dictionary is noteworthy :P

rotfl 79 up, 29 down
An incorrect spelling of rofl. Generally employed by individuals who are not well acquainted with chatspeak, but are trying their best to fit in.
Guy 1: hey did you hear that billy shat himself at kevin's party yesterday

Guy 2: Yeah, he must have been so wasted ROTFL! :-)

Guy 1: rotfl? dude wtf, nobody puts in the t, and nobody puts noses on their emoticons! what are you somebody's mom or something?

Guy 2: But -- I don't understand! The phrase is clearly "Rolling on THE floor laughing," which implies that --

Guy 1: stfu noob

Jerry said...

Hmm... that urbandictionary reference DOES make me look a noob... Maybe I should've rejected that comment.


It's my blog, I'll acronomise anything I want! :P
Also, it's 'Rise of Nations - RON' the game. So you're ROF.

hijinx said...

Jerry: your posts are awesome too, but I'm beginning to think I come to your blog for the comments :D

Jerry said...

That's like saying you read playboy for the articles. :P

hijinx said...


I do I dooo ;) :P