Thursday, January 8, 2009


I just got called a bitch by a nine year old.

Evil little monster is going to get a pair of scissors and some running shoes for his next birthday. The problem should solve itself.

His parents will be thanking me for saving his soul. I'd imagine the fellow would be tending the fires of hell in between his day job of molesting sheep or something in a few years, if not for my intervention.


Anyway, no electricity at work. They're fixing a power box thing right outside, so I'm off in a bit...

Have fun working, suckas! :P


DeeCee said...

what a little....omg...where'd he learn that?!

Lady divine said...

a 9 yrd old? are you serious?
Good heavens!
then again, you never know where the kid learnt it from.. hope it's not from home!

TheWhacksteR said...

very insightful kid if you ask me :p

Jack Point said...

What are children coming to these days?

I know I sound very old saying that, but what else does one say?

hijinx said...

lol u is funneeee :)

but he called you a bitch and you're actually buying him something for his b'day? You're a wayyy better person than me :P

But what I'm actually wonderin' about is.. what did you do to him that made him say it? :P

Sabby said...

I second Whackster! =)
*evil grin*
A child after my own heart

Jerry said...


Net works again :D :D :D


I don't think so, he's a friends' nephew...

He called ME a bitch, not you.

I would say that too, but I didn't, cos I'd have to suffer an even greater age penalty. ;)

Well it's not really a gift is it? :D And I merely took my phone away from him.

I'm sure you'll train YOUR kid in the art of rapping at the age of five :P

TheWhacksteR said...

yes. i know

Jerry said...


See what I did there? I slyly called you a bitch.

I'm a special one I am.


hijinx said...

lol @ Jerry... none of us could tell that you called Whackster a bitch..soooo subtle it was. :P

As for it not being a real present, something's better than nothing, which is what I get most of the time *sighs* sucks not to be nine anymore.. maybe _used_ running shoes? :P

Jerry said...

Oh, I think I can arrange it so that you get the shoes after the kid... well, does what you do when you have running shoes and scissors.

I'll make it a garden hoe or something, just to make sure it does the job.