Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Ballad of Isaac Clarke

'omg, 8.5 on ign!' I go
love blossoms
extract, install
disappointment. noob.
PC fuxxored up. virii.


clean, redo,
kaspersky is my friend
extract, install
joy, shining through the wall of zombies
'lol i cn take it' purrs my radeon
all options high
shaders glisten at me
empty corridor

--second intermission--

dark rooms
smooth, I like.
'gimme some action' barks my frisky gpu
enter zombies
'omg omg, tmi tmi!' cries my cpu
'single core', I mutter.
hack, hack, zombies
frames, less than 20, a second
'i want more', gpu
'i can't keep up', cpu 'stfu noob', gpu
'/kick cpu, gpu', grumbles memory

So sounds the death knell for my old but graceful Prescott. Dead Space isn't all that fun when the zombies, who're usually pretty slow, do Neo-of-Matrix-fame like stunts.

Look here, we're still the same, even hundreds of years in the future. :D Though I have no idea what "Peng" is.
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Well it's mor or less just a mundane story made up to look intresting...