Friday, January 2, 2009

Blogs on 2008 - Analysis

A Comprehensive Analysis of Blog Reactions to The Year Two Thousand And Eight
by Jerry

Lots of people, including me, made posts about last year and how great/okay/horrible it was. All around the blogosphere, the reactions were many and varied, but a definite trend was to be seen.

Most of the males thought it was great, and most of the females thought it was merely bareable, but mostly bad. There were a few dissenters, females AND males who thought it absolutely sucked, but those are the same people who'd go around dressed like a raccoon and faking a drug habit for the 'tortured artist' look. No, I'm not pointing any fingers :P

Since around 80% of bloggers are female, which I assume is due to some horrible accident in the space-time continuum, the overall outlook of the blogosphere for 2009 is : bleak.

So from the male-female thing going on here, I draw the conclusion that cheese is indeed better than frosted car tires.

Anyway, I hear crackers going off all over, celebrating the capture of Kilinochchi. Though I'm a bit disappointed by the progress(:P) The way it was going, since last year we should have captured around a third of India too by now.

And last but not least, blog name's gonna change. I just realized that I have no idea why I picked this title, and that i don't really like it. I mean, look at it.

Plus, it's not like my six million- my thousands the hundreds both my readers would care much about it. So it's going down, as soon as I think of something to put up there.


DeeCee said...

it is quite a mouthful :)

Jerry said...

Ah, so it IS as bad as I thought.

Maharajah of Bad said...

you people will never conquer the great nation of India! that'll be like a snail overtaking Virender Sehwag

Scrumpulicious said...

I like it.... But then I'm strange!

And you have 2+1 readers now. You're a firm favourite! :-P

Gypsy said...

really? 80% of bloggers are female???

Gehan said...

its confusing because 'mind' has a capital 'M'.

capslock should fix ur problem...

since ur a fan of russel crowe (this blog title was inspired by 'a beautiful mind' rite?) why not... wait for it... CINDERELLA MAN!!

i knew u'd love it.. :D

Sabby said...

Thats quite an interesting analysis. Didn't expect one from you. *evil grin*

2008 was a crappy year. Ugh.

"a raccoon and faking a drug habit for the 'tortured artist' look."

Don't ask me why, but Gehan popped into my head as soon as I read that phrase! *evil grin grows wider* =D

DeeCee said...

"faking a drug habit for the 'tortured artist' look"

just saw that. haha..! i knowww who you're talking aboutttt

Azrael said...

I would say you have hundreds of readers...Oh who am i kidding, best guess is 5 ha ha ha :D

How about Jerry's Mad World? more true to life :P


Jerry said...

Well the way the reports were pouring in you'd have expeceted half of Pakistan in the bag too.. :P

Thank you for the solidarity! :D

Just a figure I came up with after browsing hrough kottu. No idea about the actual number or on blogs outside kottu.

hur hur hur.
They say batman's gay. Not Russel Crowe.

Why not? Am I not suited to delivering commentaries on the state of the union? :P

Um... I'm not sure I know who you're talking about...

Bah! I will drag them in soon enough. You just wait!

Middle Child said...

J, frosted car tires ???? :S what have I said about u earlier? 1 Judgy. 2. Jumps in to conclusions . and here is a third. Weird :D

Jerry said...

Well obviously I'm a judgy, jumping into conclusions, weird type. Also a male chauvinist piiig.

It's the 'in thing' nowadays. :P

Indyana said...

Just two readers...what about me???And this post was really funny!

Jerry said...

Well three, then.

Thanks, that is the aim :)

Rise of the Fallen said...

add me to the list :P

raccoon? O.o

Jerry said...


And yeah, a raccoon. Covered in black and pale faced. :P