Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's Red and White!

Am I the only one who hasn't see that Airtel ad? :(

*Checks utoob.

Whee. Music is apparently by A.R. Rahman. Coo... If I buy one I get a conference call with SRK.

AS you might have noticed, yesterday was a completely unproductive day. I got more work done while fiddling with my phone trying to get it out from under me, having fallen asleep on top of it, this AM.

Must go find someplace to go register a new SIM. A place which doesn't have a queue that stretches all the way to the moon. They let you apply with five numbers, it seems. So I can try stuff like 0757-7JERRY, 0757JESTER, GERALD, WETCAT and CHEESE and stuff. I'm the only Jerry I know, and the only other Gerald I know of is eight. But he's not as awesome as me so I can beat him to a sim. Don't know anyone called Cheese or Wetcat either. Though i didn't look through a directory or anything. It's high time I got off this prepaid thing anyway.

Dialog will be wondering why there are so many SIMs going inactive all of a sudden. Or maybe they won't. All I know is, the word of mouth alone on this thing beats any publicity some of the smaller mobile operators command.


TheWhacksteR said...

Argh! nooooo...may i interest you in a number that says Peter?

Thing said...

ssingingg! i missess it!

Jerry said...

If I ever change my name to Peter, I'll let you know, but till then, hold on to it.

Miss what?