Friday, January 30, 2009

Untitled 3

While traveling in the front seat of an 'inter-city' bus, I saw cracks on the windshield originating from the approximate spot that my face would hit if the bus were to come to an abrupt stop.

There is nothing to grip but the passenger next to me.

He doesn't look very grippable.


Lady divine said...

i was trying to picture it! and somehow burst out laughing... :D

Disease said...

True Story.. Perfectly Written..
Wicked post mate :D

Sabby said...

Funnyyyyyyyyy! =)

Jerry said...

Glad ya'll liked it :)

It was horrifying!

blackexists said...

Just picturing the view from outside the front of the bus with your fce pressed against the glass.

ok - thats sounds so wrongly sadistic.

nastyyy! :)

(I meant it in a NON-VIOLENT, COMICAL way, I swear.)

Jerry said...

Evil person.

No more posts for you

Azrael said...

Ah yes the front seat of the intercity bus, high speed and no seat belt, especially on a winding mountain road with a 1000 foot precipice on one side. Enough to get your adrenalin pumping on a dull day. Lovely :D

Jerry said...

It's cool if you like rollercoasters a lot.